Friday, December 9, 2011

FCW TV 27.11.2011 - Kenneth Cameron vs. Mike Dalton

Kenneth Cameron of The Ascension(w/Raquel Diaz) defeated Mike Dalton by pinfall with a jackknife rollup.
The Ascension is slightly underrepresented now that Tito "Epico" Colon has been promoted to the main roster. Raquel is not on the house mic this week. Dalton gets in a back suplex and low-bridges Cameron over the ropes, then delivers a Jericho-style middle-rope dropkick to send Cameron to the floor. Raquel distracts Dalton to give Cameron an opening to recover...but Dalton is far more competitive than I would have expected. Cameron cuts him off with a sitout jawbreaker and then pins him with a modified jackknife cradle.

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