Friday, December 9, 2011


The Ascension vs Colin Cassady, Jason Jordan, and Mike Dalton (C)
The Ascension enters with their usual theatrics. Raquel Diaz appears to still be using a mic, since every word she says is quite clear throughout the match. It actually adds to what was otherwise your basic six man squash. Conor O’Brian, Tito Colon, and Kenneth Cameron have good chemistry, and they bust out some fun combinations in what was a short match. I’m concluding that Conor is the top dog in this group, because he gets the majority of the work. He’s also surprisingly flexible, because he ends this short match with an impressive boot to the face of Cassady, who is several inches taller. The match wasn’t anything special, but the Ascension continues to display great showmanship. I’m still waiting for them to actually get involved in something though.

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