Saturday, May 4, 2013

4/26 FIP Ascension iPPV Results: Ybor City, Florida
1. Johnny Vandal def. Derek Ryze
2. The Bravados def. Tommy Taylor & Kenneth Cameron
3. Maxwell Chicago def. Mikey Webb
4. Chasyn Rance w/MSL def. Lince Dorado
5. Los Ben Dejos def. The KOA to retain the FIP Tag Titles.
- The Bravados attacked the champs afterwards and KOA stole the tag titles in the process.
6. Trent Baretta def. AR Fox
7. Mia Yim w/Leva Bates def. Larry Dallas w/The Scene
8. Jon Davis w/MSL def. Homicide to retain the FIP Title.

(2) The Bravado Brothers (Lancelot & Harlem Bravado) w/ The Scene beat Tommy Taylor & Kenneth Cameron. The Bravados jumped Taylor and Cameron while they made their entrance. Taylor took control of Harlem inside the ring. Leonard explained that Cameron had turned down an offer to join the Scene last month. Cameron & Taylor tagged in and out to work over Harlem. Lancelot hit a knee on Taylor from the apron allowing Harlem to nail him with a big kick. Lancelot began working over Taylor. Taylor got a quick small package, but Lancelot wiped him out with a clothesline. The Bravados began working over Taylor with tandem offense and posed for the crowd, which drew some boos. Taylor countered the Bravados and hit a double monkey flip, which drew a pop from the fans. Cameron got the hot tag and ran wild with some lariats that didn’t look particularly good. Taylor and Cameron hit a double team knee drop off the second turnbuckle on Harlem, but he kicked out. It looked like Cameron & Taylor were going for a doomsday device on Harlem, but Lancelot made the save. The Bravados then hit the gentleman’s agreement on Cameron for the win.

The fans booed after the Bravados got the win and posed for the fans. Leonard interviewed Cameron & Taylor after the match. Cameron said they felt robbed after Dallas interfered from the outside. Taylor called the Bravados a useless team. Leonard asked Taylor about facing Uhaa Nation for the Florida Heritage title. Leonard said when Nation came back from Japan; Taylor would get the first shot at his title. Taylor got a mixed response when Leonard made the title match announcement. Taylor said he would be in FIP and wasn’t going anywhere. Taylor said he understood Nation had commitments, but when you’re a champion, you should defend it regularly. Taylor said he’d take the title from Nation when they had their match. 


NWA FloridaUnderground was in Tampa, FL on April 27th in front of a crowd of over 300. Results: Michael Tarver defeated Kahagas by DQ after interference from Akbar Farat to retain the NWA Florida Underground Heavyweight championship. Bruce Santee defeated Kenneth Cameron. Rule Britania (Andreas Rossi & Tommy Taylor) defeated Joey Epix & JB Cool to retain the NWA Florida Underground Tag Team championships. Jesse Neal defeated Akbar Farat by DQ after interference from Kahagas. Trent Baretta defeated Wayne Van Dyke. Ralpha Mosca & Joshua Masters (w/Ron Niemi) defeated JD Maverick & James Alexander. Dakota Darsow defeated Kennedy Kendrick (w/Camey). Deimos defeated Donovan Terrell after interference from Ralph Mosca & Joshua Masters. Leo Gold defeated Nathan Vain. Big O, Mitch Mitchell & Wayne Wonder defeated Johnny Jam, Juston Rando & Wayne Van Dyke. Lince Dorado defeated Maxwell Chicago.  

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