Thursday, February 9, 2012

WWE House Show Results from Topeka, Kansas 2/3/12 -Santino vs Cameron

WWE House Show Results from Topeka, Kansas 2/3/12

"-- The wrestler billed from Chesterfield, England who lost to Santino Marella at Friday night's RAW live event in Topeka was FCW star Kenneth Cameron. He's on the road with WWE this weekend."

"3rd Match: Santino defeated Kenneth Cameron from Manchester England with the Cobra.

This was a typical Santino match. He was beat down most of the match and came back at the end. Cameron reminded me a lot of Drew McIntyre, so they might have a tag team or Drew's replacement angle set-up. David Otunga told Santino that he didn't have a real cobra only a sock. Santino went to cobra Otunga, but once again Otunga threatened to call Laurinaitus. Santino took down the cobra several times, with it popping back up until he finally subdued it. He told Otunga that he was lucky and turned around, then David Otunga hit Santino in the back with his coffee cup.

"I much prefer Kenneth Cameron's rotating jawbreaker... it looks more impactfull and looks less awkward too."

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