Thursday, October 6, 2011



I actually got mini-goosebumps. That's how epic they are.

This is the closest thing we'll get to an Illuminati stable.

I dont want it is, weather they are young fresh and hungry, or trying to do something fresh or different, but there is something I love about this promo.


I'm interested! Conor O'Brian has a very very intimidating look about him in it, especially that laugh. Kenneth Cameron is a Brit, therefore I like him. Raquel Diaz was pretty good in the one line she had. Didn't understand Tito's part, it's Spanish, but I'm not sold on whether he fits in yet.

I really want to see them in the WWE though, as the Ascension, with Ricardo Rodriguez guiding them.


That promo was amazing. Dare I say, better than half the debut vignettes they do for WWE.


Put this on Raw right now and I bet they'd be over instantly.


This makes FCW so much more exciting. I like this lineup, this could be big. I love the dark undertone to them, always was a fan of that sort of stable. Sorta like a flock of sorts. I cannot wait for their debut.


I haven't seen Cameron too much, one or two squash matches i think :s so i don't really know his style or how good he actually is, but i liked his look in that promo so i would keep him in, plus he is English XD

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