Monday, September 19, 2011

FCW 4 September, 2011

Tag Team Match:
Abraham Washington and Mike Dalton vs Ascensions(Tito Colon and Kenneth Cameron) (w/Raquel Diaz)

We start off with Tito and Honest Abe. Tito puts his hand out for a handshake. Abe slaps it away. Cameron grabs him for a distraction and Tito gets in a boot and the advantage. He gets caught that with a belly to belly then a flapjack, followed by a Dusty Rhodes elbow. He goes for the In Your Face elbow but Tito stops him. Kenneth Cameron makes the blind tag and goes on the attack. Quick tag back into Colon and they hit a double Russian Leg Sweep. Quick tags in and out and keeping Abe in the Ascension corner. Big neckbreaker only gets a two count. Abe gets the tag but Tito distracted the referee and The Ascension start the illegal double team. Tito and Kenneth end up slamming into each other, and Mike Dalton gets tagged in. Big cross body by Mike Dalton. Dalton on fire! Dropkick to the knee, followed by a low dropkick to the face getting a near fall. Tito Colon pushes Dalton into Cameron who hits a front lung blower, which backs up Dalton into a back cracker from Tito, who gets the three count.

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