Thursday, August 18, 2011


FCW TV - 31 July, 2011 Start at 10 minutes in -

Kenneth Cameron vs. Erick Rowan(w/ Byron Saxton & James Bronson): Byron's arm is still in a sling as a result of his previous encounter with Titus O'Neil...of course Saxton enlightens us. Cameron is one of many British imports to FCW in recent months...Regal mentions Robbie Brookside as one of Cameron's trainers....Cameron gets a short-lived advantage by clipping the leg but a suplex attempt goes badly. Cameron is welcomed to Chokeslam City shortly thereafter and that's the ballgame. Bronson adds a post-match short-arm scissors and that brings out Titus O'Neil to run off the heels. O'Neil gets in a few shots on Rowan before he escapes the ring...but the issue is not over, of course.

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