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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-07-22 02:08:38
On Thursday night, Florida Championship Wrestling held their latest television tapings for their weekly show on Brighthouse Sports Network (Channel 47 or 812 in Standard Definition and 1147 in High Definition in Tampa) that airs on Sunday nights at 6:00 PM with replays during the week. The episodes to air on August 14, August 21, and August 28. During this set of tapings, they celebrated their 150th episode on Bright House Sports Network. The third anniversary is coming soon. Here are the results in front of a sold out crowd at the FCW Arena.
August 14th Episode
Match Number One: Naomi and Caylee Turner defeated Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn when Naomi pinned Audrey after a leg lariat.
Match Number Two: Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo defeated Lucky Cannon and Damien Sandow when Bo pinned Cannon after a spear.
The next scheduled match was supposed to be Kenneth Cameron versus Brad Maddox but that match went to a no contest. Maddox cut a promo before the match started where he talked about his win over Richie Steamboat on last week’s show and he mentioned that the first generation superstar defeated a second generation star. Eventually Richie Steamboat came out without Maddox knowing and Steamboat hit Maddox with a superkick, knocking Maddox out cold.
Leo Kruger was interviewed by Briley Pierce and Leo talked about his FCW Title match next week against Bo Rotundo and he vowed to win the FCW Heavyweight Title.
Match Number Three: Hunico defeated Derrick Bateman with a rollup.
Maxine and William Regal are in the back with Norman Smiley and Steve Keirn. Keirn tells Smiley and Maxine that he wants them to work together.
Match Number Four: Seth Rollins retained the FCW 15 Title in a match with Dean Ambrose that ended in a 0-0 tie. Since Rollins was the champion, he cannot lose the title in a tie.


By Richard Trionfo 

Match Number Three: Erick Rowan with Byron Saxton and James Bronson versus Kenneth Cameron

Cameron avoids Rowan at the start of the match and Rowan gets a little frustrated. Cameron with a side head lock and Rowan picks up Cameron and throws him into the corner. They lock up and Rowan works on the arm. Cameron rolls through and hits a drop kick. Cameron kicks Saxton on the floor and that distraction allows Rowan to charge into the corner. Rowan chokes Cameron in the corner followed by a forearm. Rowan with an Irish whip and a bear hug as he moves Cameron from side to side.
Cameron escapes by pulling on Rowan’s beard. Cameron with a jawbreaker and then he tries to clip Rowan but Erick stays on his feet. Cameron with a front face lock but Rowan tosses Cameron across the ring. Rowan grabs Cameron by the throat and hits a choke slam for the three count.
Winner: Erick Rowan
After the match, Bronson applies a cross arm breaker on Cameron until the dog barking starts and Titus O’Neil comes out. Bronson, Rowan, and Saxton leave the ring.

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