Friday, April 1, 2011


FCW 3/27/11
Kenneth Cameron vs Brodus Clay
with Cameron doing a great job of selling the monster Brodus....

Report #1
Kenneth Cameron vs. Brodus Clay(w/ Ricardo Rodriguez): Cameron is a newcomer from the United Kingdom...he has a tough test ahead of him against the big man. Clay dominates most of the match, but Cameron delivers a jawbreaker and takes out the leg. A flying shoulderblock off the second rope gets him off his feet but only gets a one-count. He goes for the same move again but simply gets swatted aside...ow. Clay follows up with the Umaga Smash in the corner and finishes at his leisure with an exploder suplex.

Report #2
They lock up and Clay backs Cameron into the corner and he gives Cameron a clean break and that shocks Cameron. They lock up again and Clay backs Cameron into the corner one more time. Cameron locks up one more time and Clay gets distracted by the referee and Cameron with forearms but Clay with a body block and Cameron goes down. Clay with an elbow drop followed by a forearm to the back. Cameron with punches to the midsection but Clay with a knee followed by a forearm to the head. Clay with more forearms and he gets a near fall. Clay with a forearm to the neck and then he goes to the nerve hold.

Cameron gets to his feet and punches Clay but Clay does not move. Cameron with a jaw breaker and a diving shoulder to the knees followed by a drop kick. Cameron goes to the turnbuckles and hits a shoulder tackle that knocks Clay down and he gets a near fall. Cameron goes to the turnbuckles again but Clay swats him out of the way. Clay with a running Shhheeeeeeee Splash into the corner followed by a t-bone suplex for the three count.

Winner: Brodus Clay

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