Monday, March 8, 2010

Kings Lynn 8 March, 2010

All Star Wrestling, Kings Lynn

Rampage Brown vs Brandon T
James Mason vs Karl Krammer
Sweet Siria vs Britney
Gladiator Warrior vs American Avalance
James Mason and Shadow Pheonix vs Nasty Boys

Part 1 of Brandon T vs Rampage Brown
Two strong competitors in a nicely paced match, with a balance of ground and aerial work, plenty of crowd involvement, and nice use of the ring, ring ropes and apron.  Grunt and groan  includes  'shall I break his fingers' from Brandon T as the crowd shouts emphatically 'YES', followed by aggravated bodily harm from Rampage Brown with finely tuned sadistic detail, including finger stomps......

Part 2 of Brandon T vs Rampage Brown
A nice sequence from 1.12 with donkey stomp from Brandon T that sends Rampage reeling;  on-the-rope reversal and the action spills outside the ring; finally, an enzuigiri,  reverse roundhouse kick and  fireman's carry facebuster gives Brandon T the victory.***

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